Our Story

My name is Melissa Clifford. I am the founder of Element LABS; Love, Art, Beauty, Science Ltd., an artisan soap, bath and body company located in Avon Lake Ohio USA.

About 9 years ago I began to experience irritation from all my fragrance and beauty products, sprays, lotions, shampoo as well as house hold cleaners. I also live with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia.  In 2007 I started my journey towards a healthier toxic free lifestyle. During my research I found that a lot of things I used daily contained the same ingredients. I wondered if there were any studies done on cumulative effects. I found the data was limited so instead I decided to focus on natural alternatives and take control of what was going into and, onto my body. Oh, how I hated to get rid of all the pretty bottles of spray and lotion from the department stores and boutiques in the mall! I’m sure glad I did! I began experimenting with essential oils. I used them for all kinds of things, Cleaning, Aromatherapy, personal care etc.

I soon became fascinated with natural and wholesome ingredients. I began making all my own products from laundry soap & all-purpose cleaner, to deodorant & toothpaste, soap, facial scrubs, bath bombs etc. After running out of home-made deodorant and not having ingredients on hand, or the time to make more.  I had to go out and buy something ready-made. What I found was very expensive and not as nice as what I was used to making. I quickly realized that making your own products at home was A big inconvenience for most people.   I decided to use the knowledge and formulating skills I had developed over the years to help others and started a company.

I am happy to spend my days researching and developing new and improved products as well as provide customers with information about quality ingredients, so they can make informed decisions about what to use. I love to help others feel good, look good, and smell good. Our products feel luxurious on your body, the smells are amazing, and you can feel good about using our natural products while supporting local business.

Our Mission Statement at Element LABS is to provide quality natural products that help create a soothing, uplifting luxury bath and body care experience. Promoting a wellness lifestyle approach by helping to nurture the skin and inspire the spirit.

  • We are a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild.
  • We operate a clean facility
  • We are committed to the use of sustainable, cruelty free, fair trade ingredients.

We are in beautiful Avon Lake, Ohio at 33467 Lake Road Suite 201

Shop is open Friday & Saturday from 11am to 5pm.